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Electrical Repair Services

Electrical Repair Services

Whether you need commercial or residential electrical repair services, we’re available on a single call.

Throughout the years, we’ve built a strong reputation among our customers. Despite charging much lesser than other technicians, our services exceed expectations. Even with your top-tier DIY skills, you shouldn’t take on electrical repairs since one mistake can result in a code violation. Keep the stringency of the code in mind; it’s important to get a professional for electrical repair services Singapore.

Since our staff is sufficiently trained and has performed multiple repair services, you won’t have to worry about code violations. Furthermore, we do the following for you:

  • Home inspection reports
  • Generator maintenance
  • Heating and cooling repair
  • Appliance repair

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Electrical Wiring Singapore

Electrical Wiring Singapore

We tackle all sorts of wiring jobs. These range from the wiring of a new property to rewiring in your existing 

space. Since we’ve worked with different circuits, boards, and electric systems, versatility is our quality. Once we’re done, your property will have switches, sockets, cables, and distribution boards up and running.
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Power Trip Service Singapore

Power Trip Service Singapore

Power trips can inconvenience you, especially if you’re a large family always in need of electricity.

Throughout the years, we’ve perfected our electrical services. Thus, we arrive at the site already thinking of the faults in the circuit breaker. In most cases, the excess electricity flow through the wires causes a power trip. Instead of messing with the circuit breaker in your home, give us a call. We’ll be there to connect the circuit back again. Plus, if there’s a damaged wire that’s causing continuous tripping, we’ll fix it too.

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Electrical Installation Singapore

Electrical Installation Singapore

Did you know that more than two thousand kids suffer from severe electric shocks and burns every year

by sticking items into electrical receptacles? Would you want to take the risk with your child? If not, then you need our installation services. We specialize in installing tamper-proof outlets. tHEY prevent electric contact even if your child inserts something in the socket.


Sometimes, even if you follow the instructions manual to the last letter, you’re unable to set up an appliance. Worry not. We’re just a call away. A wrong electrical installation can hurt your property or a family member. Why take that risk when you can leave the job to us?

In our years of electrical services, we’ve installed every appliance under the Sun. You name it, and we’d know how to install it. We take pride in maintaining the highest standards of safety during electrical installation services.

Since we’re insured and licensed, you don’t have to worry about anything. Besides being qualified for the position, we’re also adequately experienced to install any appliance.

Our aim is to offer you a long-term fix. Cheap and unreliable fixes can cause fires and physical injuries in the long run. Plus, shoddy work is bound to cost you money every few weeks or months. On the contrary, we offer safe and quick electrical installation services to prevent dangerous situations.

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Electrical Troubleshooting Services

Electrical Troubleshooting Services

When an electrical issue occurs, no online article will help you solve it. Our skilled technicians will

figure out the cause of the problem quickly so that they can move on to fixing the issue immediately.

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Ceiling Fan Installation Singapore

Ceiling Fan Installation Singapore

Ceiling fans are a must-have in Singaporean homes since the weather tends to get quite hot during the summer

. Besides cooling the room, a ceiling fan also helps lower energy costs. After all, you don’t want to pay a hefty bill for the air conditioning, do you?

Since our team undergoes continuous training, we can work with older fans or the latest designs. All you have to do is guide us to the room, and the fan will be up before you know it.

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Emergency Electrician Singapore

Emergency Electrician Singapore

An electrical emergency is inevitable yet concerning. Why sit in the dark for hours or fumble with the wiring because the lights are out?

You can simply call us to fix the issue. We always have a few technicians on duty who’ll be at your doorstep to solve any emergency electricity situation. Some common emergencies include:

  • Tripping circuit breakers
  • Electric outlets that don’t work
  • Flickering lights
  • Sparks from a plug or wire

Regardless of the size, we take every emergency seriously. Our team is quick to deal with the situation at hand, removing the problem in a timely fashion.

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Light Installation Services

Light Installation Services

Do you want to install lights in your new hours or revamp the light fixtures in your existing one?

In both cases, we’re your best bet. With years of experience, we know the ins and outs of every electric appliance and tool like the back of our hands. Thus, once you trust us for light installation, your house will be bright in no time.
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HDB Electrician Singapore

HDB Electrician Singapore

The Housing and Development Board has a mission of building safe homes that offer quality living for everyone.

Their aim is to improve sanitary and safety conditions in living spaces. If you live in an HBD home or community, call us for all your electric needs. Besides, if you’re an HDB business, you can count on us for electric work.

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About Our Company

Providing electrical services Singapore, we’re fully committed to making lives easier for our clients. Regardless of the scope of work, we ensure the highest levels of safety and efficiency. Apart from regular electric work, we also deal with emergencies.

Being fully licensed, we’re your go-to in-house electricians in Singapore. We draw on a wealth of expertise and training in different kinds of electric work to position ourselves as your first choice.

Electric issues are the last problems you want to face at home, and we’re aware of it. That’s why our team is at your doorstep on short notice to put your mind at ease. Moreover, we specialize in customizing electric services as required by our clients. In doing so, we use up-to-date techniques and solutions to fulfill your requirements.

Since our work is a bit risky, we take no chances. Our team guarantees rule-compliant electric work - no matter how big or small. In our years of service, we have established a name in Singapore as a trusted and reliable group of technicians.

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    Why Choose Electrician Services Singapore?

    Electrical emergencies are always unpredictable, raising the need for a 24 hour electrician Singapore. Lucky for you, we offer a hassle-free experience of finding a cheap electrician Singapore. Whether you need to remove code violations or get a ceiling fan installed, you can contact us at any time of the day. Here are some core values that set us apart from other technicians:


    Safety is our top priority. Every step we take to solve your electrical issues is a reflection of this. Beginning with the detection of the problem till resolving it, we take necessary precautions along the way. Along with keeping your family safe, we also ensure that the property is not damaged in the process.

    A poorly-done electrical job can cause hazards in the long run. It can even result in a fire or may damage the entire electric circuit operating the home. Since we’re aware of these issues, we tend to be meticulous about safety.


    We also focus immensely on quality because we want to resolve your problem at once. You won’t have to call us again and again because we’ll fix the fault in the first go. We’ve created a positive reputation in the Singaporean market solely due to our high-quality services and attention to detail.

    Client Satisfaction

    Working with electricity is a risky business, and everyone knows it. That’s why homeowners and businesses are often skeptical about electrical technicians. We believe it to be a rightful concern of our clients. Therefore, we deem it our responsibility to meet their requirements, ensuring their utmost satisfaction. In the past, our dedication to work has always helped us make clients happy. We aim to continue doing that in the future too.


    No one should have to leave an electrical issue unattended because the fixing cost is too high. Along with being dangerous for human life, it’s also a hazard to the property. Since we offer budget-friendly rates for our services, you won’t find an affordable electrician Singapore like us.

    However, our low costs do not mean lower quality. Not at all. Instead, we prefer combining affordability with high quality. You’ll be 100% satisfied with our services without breaking the bank.

    Efficiency and Professionalism

    We believe that professionalism and efficiency go hand in hand. Therefore, we lay a keen focus on being professional, whether we’re installing a fan or rewiring someone’s entire house. When we work in your home, we treat it like ours – being extra-careful about everything.

    Also, we ensure that you don’t have any complaints about our work. You won’t have to call us again and again for re-fixing or rechecking the issue.


    Electrical emergencies and needs don’t have a timeline – they come uninvited. Therefore, you need a 24 hour electrician Singapore. Look no further because our team is available at every time of the day to assist you. Although commercial services require prior consultations, we’re prompt about residential problems since they need immediate attention.

    Continuous Training

    While most other technician groups only train their employees once, our training programs go on continuously. In doing so, we want to introduce our team to the latest electrical appliances, installation methods, safety precautions, etc. Thus, we’re equipped to deal with an electrical emergency or requirement of any scope.

    Why Choose Us
    Why Choose Us

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    Frequently Asked Questions:

    Here are some FAQs to resolve your queries.

    If a circuit breaker trips, is this dangerous?

    A circuit breaker tripping once is not a concern. But if it trips again and again, there’s definitely something wrong with the wiring.  Older homes are not designed for the electrical load of today’s appliances and devices. Today, the most common cause of a circuit breaker tripping is overload.

    The circuit breaker in your home has a capacity of the load that it can carry. When it tries to draw a larger load, the breaker trips. It normally happens when you’re operating too many light fixtures and appliances at the same time.

    When an excess of electricity passes through the wires, the breaker heats up. As a result, the electric connection is lost, and everything in the house loses power. If this happens continuously in your home, you should get it checked by an electrical maintenance company. They will find the damaged wires and replace them with new ones.

    Are they going to answer when I call?

    Yes, we always answer when you call to consult us about our services. We understand that electrical issues need immediate attention. Thus, our phone representative is always around to answer your questions.

    Is there going to be hidden charges from the initial quote?

    Absolutely not. In trying to be the best electrical maintenance company in Singapore, one of our goals is to be absolutely transparent with our clients. When you consult the electric issue with us, we give you an upfront quote. That’s all you have to pay. We do not spring any hidden charges on your later, nor do we disguise extra charges as maintenance or anything else.

    You can trust us knowing that you’ll only have to pay the amount we told you the first time. If you’re confused about the charges, you can schedule a consultation with us.

    Will they be clean and neat?

    Apart from professional training, we also teach our staff about providing the best experience for the customers. An important part of the experience is to be neat and clean.

    We leave your place looking exactly as it was before we arrive – no wires or discarded tools lying around. The waste electrical products pose a hazard, and that’s why neat work is our priority.

    If the work area is neat, there’s little to no chance of anyone tripping or slipping. A cleaner work area makes it easier for us to access our supplies and use the space effectively. So, we’re consistent with cleanliness, giving you no reason to complain.

    Do I need to replace an outlet if the plug is loose?

    If an electric plug in your home keeps falling out, it’s best to contact a professional to replace it. That’s the most convenient and effective way to solve this problem.

    Replacing the outlet involves rewiring the interior eclectic circuit of your home. If you try to DIY this, you may end up increasing the problem. Even worse, you may violate the code unknowingly. Instead, you should call a professional to fix the plug.

    Why is my electrical panel buzzing?

    If an electrical panel is buzzing, the first thing to do is to stay away. It’s most probably due to a damaged wire that connects to the panel. It can often also create a sizzling noise. In some cases, sparking might occur. Thus, you should stay at a safe distance from the panel. Do not touch it until a professional arrives to take a look.

    If the breaker only hums when you’re close to it, you shouldn’t be concerned. A slight humming noise is normal for a breaker as it’s due to the vibrations of the currents. If you’re still worried, have a professional look at it to check if there’s a potential hazard.

    Sometimes, the breaker can start making a loud, buzzing noise. It’s due to a ‘bad’ circuit breaker. What this means is that the breaker should have tripped – due to excessive load – but it hasn’t.

    A breaker that does not trip is a problem. Since it allows more electricity to pass than its capacity, there’s a high chance of an electric fire due to overheating.

    How do you handle emergency electrical issues?

    If there’s an electrical emergency situation, the first thing you remember is not to panic. Simply give us a call, and we’ll send our team over. In this duration, you should remove yourself and your family from the house. Additionally, cut the power if that’s possible. Until we come, do not touch any wire or try to fix any problem on your own.

    Once we arrive, we’ll take it from there. We start by ruling out the possible reasons for the emergency to reach the root cause. Then, we fix the problem and clear out any damage caused to the breaker, plugs, or sockets. Mostly, it only takes a short while. But if there’s a bigger issue, fixing it can take up to a few hours.

    Do I need to be present when your team is working?

    We only need your assistance when we want to know the reason you hired us. Our team will enquire about the history of electrical problems in the house and any related questions they find necessary.

    After that, you don’t have to be around as we take it from there. If there’s something wrong with the breaker, we might request you to stay out of the house while we’re working.  It’s best to have the least number of people on-site to ensure a safe work environment. But if it’s something minor like installing a light fixture, you can be around if you want.


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    Providing electrical services Singapore, we’re fully committed to making lives easier for our clients. Regardless of the scope of work, we ensure the highest levels of safety and efficiency. Apart from regular electric work, we also deal with emergencies.